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LAST CHANCE TO PURCHASE A VAPSHOT MINI - We will no longer offer the Vapshot mini for sale at the end of April. This is your last chance to purchase a Vapshot machine for home or personal use. After April 30, 2015, we will only offer the new Vapshot Pro commercial models for sale or rental...so get'em while you still can!

CHECK OUT THE NEW VAPSHOT PRO! It's half the size, just as powerful and is Wi-Fi capable with a shot counter and touchscreen!

PLEASE NOTE: You must be at least 21 years old to purchase products from our company and we reserve the right to cancel any order. 

When you place an order through this system, the telephone, or email, you are purchasing the products directly from our retail store located in Austin, Texas USA. This is the point of purchase and you will be charged sales tax of 8.25%. Once the order is completed, it will be shipped to a third-party shipper in Austin, Texas USA who will ship your products to you on your own behalf. Shipment speed will be what you select for your order but may be shipped using UPS, FedEX or USPS. 

Vapshot, Inc., its affiliates, officiers, or associating companies do not make any representations as to the rights for you to possess, use or distribute these products in your geographic location. If you are unsure, it is your responsibility to determine your rights on your own and act accordingly. 

Use of Vapshot minis for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited. Using a Vapshot mini in such a manner will void all warranty and support. Damage caused by such misuse will trigger the internal sensor and the Vapshot mini will be placed on an invalid status and not qualify for in-warranty or out-of-warranty repair. All orders placed for consumables and accessories for invalid machines will be automatically cancelled. 

International air cargo rates for Vapshot commercial units are now available! - If this online store does not quote you shipping charges for your country, please contact us directly so we can provide you with air cargo shipping cost. Email: sales@vapshot.com (please include ship to address!)